Network Rail escalator safety step branding campiagn Kings Cross Station London

Network Rail installation Kings Cross Station

Motion Icon UK & Europe complete yet another fantastic installation for Network Rail, this time at London’s iconic King’s Cross Station. The brief from the station was to start diverting passengers with heavy luggage and large objects away from the escalators, as these cause a majority of the accidents in this station. The message on the walls has now been transferred to the escalator steps and floor vinyl’s to now inform passengers in every way possible to BE SAFE, and where the Lifts are situated. The yellow and black colours are very striking and create the exact awareness needed to draw passenger attention to where they are walking, and standing on the escalators. The messages are large enough to inform passengers before they reach the escalator, whether or not to be using the lifts provided for safer passage.

Thank you to all involved at King’s Cross Station and Schindler for keeping passengers safe.

Chris Harmon | CEO
Motion Icon UK & Europe