MotionIcon UK & Europe has always had safety in mind with passengers and we have now launched a range of European Licensed and Patented safety management products for escalator handrails. What we are offering is not a choice, it is essential for your passengers’ health and your escalator safety nationwide.

When using an escalator, do you hold onto the handrail? People use escalators every day in transport hubs, airports, railway stations, underground stations, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, shopping centres, department stores, retail stores and more… leaving passengers exposed to hazards such as disease and bacterial infection due to viruses and bacteria existing on the handrails. Some people do not hold unhygienic handrails and this becomes a safety threatening factor.

Escalator Media Handrail Steriliser


The Escalator Media Handrail Steriliser is the world’s first IoT (Internet of Things) – combined handrail steriliser that makes sure of the perfect removal of bacteria and viruses through 99.9% sterilisation by UV Lamp. In addition to this, the 7-inch monitor shows the real-time hygienic condition of the handrail audiovisually so that passengers can hold the handrail without fear of infection.

The IoT-combined comprehensive system provides 24-hour monitoring service of escalators through a mobile application and an immediate alert will be sent to the administrator in case of an accident. It also records the number of escalator users and provides the current location information to the passengers.

Escalator Handrail Steriliser


  • 7-inch LCD monitor: Advertise your own product on the monitor. Video, Images and Sound can be controlled with high-quality imagery available.
  • Automatic operation: Automatic operation with motion sensor. Notification service for escalator reverse.
  • Temperature sensor: Temperature measurement to prevent internal overheating. Automatic cooler operation.
  • Counting passenger system: Check the number of people passing through motion recognition sensors.
  • Triple cleaning rollers without electricity: Any foreign materials can be removed. No scratch left on handrail. Automatic design with motion sensor.
  • Self-generating / self-charging battery: Self-generating system without power supply and electricity.
  • Disinfectants: 99.9% of bacteria and viruses are killed with eco-friendly disinfectant. Easy to replace liquid bottles.
  • UV Lamp: Powerful lamp equipped to killed 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
Escalator Handrail Steriliser UK and Europe


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