Over the past four years, being part of a Global franchise, MotionIcon UK & Europe have benefited and assisted in the growth and development of our unique, patented product, and achieved an excellent relationship with our customers and suppliers.

Landlords and escalator owners, now have the ability to “Speak” to their commuters directly, like never before. From safety awareness messaging to full-blown advertising messages, just inches in front of passengers, for the full journey of travel, consumers can now benefit from direct and targeted campaigns.

MotionIcon UK & Europe have developed an extensive platform available to landlords and escalator owners across the UK and Europe, including Shopping Malls with monthly views exceeding 70 million, Rail Stations with monthly views exceeding 160 million, and many other options offering a direct spend mindset to consumers for prolonged periods, 24/7.

MotionIcon UK & Europe’s attention to detail, and working safely and securely with our customers, has helped us grow from strength to strength.

This brochure will give you a little peek at some of our successes and will highlight our specific scopes of work.

With more than 90 billion escalator trips throughout the world each year, escalator step advertising opens up an exciting new and impactful global advertising opportunity.
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