MotionIcon Europe owns the Patents and User Rights for 37 countries across Europe and is currently looking to escalate new partnerships.

Our MotionIcon, European partner program opportunity, is based more on a partnership offering from deep roots of transparency and integrity, than traditional “one-way traffic licences”.

The upfront License fee will secure you with exclusivity on our product for a minimum duration of 10 years. Our partnership program includes comprehensive training at all key staff, supplier, and sales levels, with our team travelling to your country to ensure that these key stakeholders benefit from the personal touch of training in your environment.

With Global PCT and Patents managed by ENS, your investment is well protected.

Our products offer our partners the opportunity to open up marketing and branding campaigns like no other. 24/7 Visuals, total or partial media coverage, advertising or awareness messages, massive scale moving media right in front of consumers and passengers.

This is a business opportunity not to be missed, so contact us for the partnership model in your country that will escalate your business to new heights.

For all partnership opportunities and enquiries please feel free to email

With more than 90 billion escalator trips throughout the world each year, escalator step advertising opens up an exciting new and impactful global advertising opportunity.
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