TKE Develops Initiative To Improve Escalator Safety

TK Elevator (TKE), along with vertical-transportation branding company Motion Icon UK & Europe, has developed special safety signage to make escalators safer. The initiative seeks to increase awareness of potential hazards through pictograms showing what — and what not — to do while riding an escalator. The safety signage can be installed onto the front of escalator steps, making it highly visible to passengers. New escalators in most markets require skirt brushes to be installed in the area between the steps and the skirt to prevent a foot from being placed too close to this dangerous area. The signage serves to reduce the risks of entrapment between two consecutive steps. TKE in Germany will equip all its commercial escalators with the signage going forward.

Article courtesy of Elevator World

It’s a pleasure working with the TKE team and we look forward to working together keeping passengers as safe as possible.

Chris Harmon| CEO | Motion Icon Europe