motion icon uk and europe campaign mockup 2023

January 2023 Update

“A very warm welcome back to all our staff, colleagues, suppliers and customers. I trust 2023 will be a safe, steady, and successful year. Amid the trying and testing times for most of us, our team at Motion Icon UK & Europe are even more excited and dedicated to escalating 2023 to new heights and servicing you, our client the best of our ability.

Our quest this year is to offer clear, safe, and informative solutions to your escalator branding needs. We offer OOH Moving Media, Safety, Commercial Branding, Product Launch and Support, Tenant Support and Directional Signage solutions to millions of consumers and passengers across Europe.

Last year Motion Icon UK & Europe expanded across the waters and showcased our fantastic product in 6 new countries, leading to exciting expansion opportunities for 2023. We have secured some significant property portfolios for 2023, increasing footfall views into the hundreds of millions this year, including multiple linked sites, shopping centers and transport hubs across Europe.”

Chris Harmon | CEO | Motion Icon UK & Europe

Some things you might not know about our product?

  1. The average size of an escalator step branding campaign is approximately 30 square meters
  2. We offer monthly payment options on long-term campaigns, 6-12 months
  3. Our campaigns are visible from 100m away and from 20 inches away
  4. We offer floor-to-ceiling moving media
  5. Escalators are placed in the busiest traffic areas, attracting the most consumer traffic
  6. The average ride time on an escalator is approximately 30-45 seconds giving perfect dwell times
  7. Our step graphics offer fantastic safety features such as reducing the step gaps with anti-friction finishes reducing entrapment, keeping customers focused on where they are standing before entering the escalator and while on it, and many more…
  8. Case studies have shown a 20-30% increase in customers and turnover during targeted campaigns
  9. Campaigns can last from 1-day events to semi-permanent installations
  10. Our product has been extensively factory tested and endorsed by some of the largest escalator manufacturers globally.
  11. We guarantee our installations for six months.

“With all this in mind, is it not time to consider Motion Icon Escalator Step Branding for your next campaign solution? We are on hand to advise, guide and assist you with your next project. Get your message across boldly and innovatively. Installations are quick and easy, within 2-3 hours, and removals are the same, all done after hours when the escalators are closed. Contact our team to find out where and how we can assist you with your planning on”

Mike Segrue | Chairman | Motion Icon UK & Europe