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Escalator Media Handrail Steriliser

Motion Icon UK and Europe are proud to announce the release of our latest Licenced product. As of immediate effect, we are offering the latest in Escalator Media Handrail Steriliser Technology. Our 8820 Model Handrail Steriliser Units offer the perfect combination of liquid sanitiser and UV Light to sterilise and destroy 99,99% bacteria and viruses on Escalator Handrails. UV light has been tested and proven to kill previous Corona Viruses and is the most effective and quickest way possible.

Our Handrail Sanitiser Units clean a typical escalator handrail in two rotations, and then continue to maintain the zero bacteria count thereafter continuously. The digital display unit units show directional flow, bacteria counts via the app, count foot traffic, and offer digital video display for safety messages and advertising messages backed up with sound.

Customer safety is paramount at Motion Icon UK and Europe, and we are so pleased to be able to offer these units ahead of our intended launch date of Q3 this year. Escalator handrails rank in the top 5 most dirty environments in the world… yet they need to be held for safety reasons… Let’s be safe and let’s be protected in all aspects of escalator travel. If we can assist our clients and members of the public, we are very happy to do so.

Chris Harmon | CEO
Motion Icon UK & Europe

Would you still hold an escalator handrail without this?

For further more information please visit our Escalator Media Handrail Steriliser page.