Escalator Handrail Steriliser Q1 Special Offer

MotionIcon UK & Europe offering the latest in Escalator Media Handrail Steriliser Technology at a special rate for Q1 2021. Our 8820 Model Handrail Steriliser Units offer the perfect combination of liquid sanitiser and UV Light to sterilise and destroy 99,99% bacteria and viruses on Escalator Handrails. UV light has been tested and proven to kill Corona Viruses and is the most effective and quickest way possible.

Our Handrail Sanitiser Units clean a typical escalator handrail in two rotations, and then continue to maintain the zero bacteria count thereafter continuously. The digital display unit units show directional flow, bacteria counts via the app, count foot traffic, and offer digital video display for safety messages and advertising messages backed up with sound.

Look after your staff and customers during these trying times. As we come towards the potential ease of lockdowns and restrictions let us assist you with your handrail sanitisers with our special offer of £3,850.00 installed with finance options available on large orders. Escalator cleanliness and safety is paramount at MotionIcon UK & Europe.

For further more information please take a look at our special offer leaflet.