Case Study | Trenitalia c2c - Fenchurch Street Station, London


To run a COVID-19 awareness campaign at Fenchurch Street Station London. These graphics, designed by their in-house team look striking in their corporate colours and have visually changed the appearance of the station entrance. Testing our latest in technology Escalator Handrail Sanitiser units 2020.


  1. The COVID-19 awareness campaign using our latest technology in Escalator Step Graphics.
  2. Escalator Handrail Sanitiser Units, these unique units use sanitiser liquid and rollers in conjunction with UV-C light to maintain the cleaning, while continuously feeding data back to us via Wi-Fi to our digital dashboard, the only units in the world that can do this.


Trenitalia c2c reported a successful launch with the COVID-19 awareness campaign and the escalator handrail sanitiser delivering outstanding results. Our units maintained a 98% sanitising rate, removing bacteria and viruses from the escalator handrails continuously 24/7.


We are extremely happy with the outcome of our escalator safety and sanitising campaign at Fenchurch Street Station. The steps look amazing, and we foresee the safety factor on our escalators increasing due to this very visual medium on our steps. We are also extremely happy with the test results that the Handrail Sanitisers yielded. They look great and are very visual to our passengers, giving them peace of mind that the handrails are constantly being cleaned and sanitized.

Paul Meenan | Asset Manager
Trenitalia c2c


I am extremely proud of our test results obtained during this installation at Fenchurch Street Station. Our new Handrail Sanitiser Units yielded a very impressive 98% cleaning rate, removing all bacteria and viruses. Our graphics looked stunning in the Corporate Pink colours. Thank you for entrusting us with your main entrance escalator assets.

Chris Harmon | CEO
Motion Icon UK & Europe