Case Study | Estée Lauder


Estee Lauder ran this campaign in the Mall Of Africa. This mall achieved in excess of 1,2 million people in the month during the campaign period, and the feedback was very positive from the Mall and the Brand specifically, as per the below testimonial. The main objective was to drive more footfall into the stores which sell Estee Lauder and ultimately increase direct sales. With the average dwell time being 90 minutes in this mall, the Branding was successfully seen and displayed.


This campaign GIFTS WITH STYLE, ran for a two-month period on two escalators in total, chosen 40 escalators. The targeted audience was 15 – 60-year-old female cosmetic users, from A-C LSM, so a well-targeted audience, which proved to be highly successful. Timing of the campaign was done during Q2, and the chosen escalators were in close proximity to the store, chosen from 300 stores in the mall, leading right up to the entrance of Edgars.


Estee Lauder reported a 28% YOY increase in sales over this period, and has partly attributed their escalator step branding campaigns to this success, as the advertising mediums displayed at this time in these malls did coincide with the Easter break. The Brand achieved exposure of more than two million views over the two month period, Marlize Hay has expressed that she is very happy to endorse Motion Icon, and that her client was extremely happy.


MotionIcon installed Escalator Step Branding at Mall of Africa on our escalators leading up and down from Edgars. We are very impressed with the visual impact of this advertising medium, as it is a unique solution to offer our clients. The creative rendering and installation went smoothly and the material is sturdy and of high quality, showing no signs of wear and tear. The visuals still look impressive 60 days after installation.

I recommend this alternative to traditional Escalator Branding using PVC on the railings as the impact is greater and creates the effect of motion. Traditional PVC branding on the railings also shows wear and chaffing very quickly and become dirty easily. This is not the case with the MotionIcon Escalator Step advertising execution. Our client, Esteé Lauder, has been very satisfied with this installation and has indicated that they will be using it again for their campaigns going forward.

Marilize Hay | InMall Sales – Mall of Africa