Case Study | Elesse Clothing - JD Sports


Ellesse ran multiple campaigns in the UK, one in the top mall location, being Westfield, Stratford City, London, and The Lion Yard Centre in Cambridge. Westfield Stratford achieves in excess of one million people per week through their doors, and the feedback was very positive from the Mall and the Brand specifically, as per the below testimonial. The main objective was to drive more footfall into the JD Sports stores and ultimately increase direct sales for Ellesse as a Brand.


This campaign ran for a two week period, two escalators in total at Westfield. The targeted audience were male and female, from A – C LSM, so a broad approach for this iconic sports brand, which proved to be highly successful. Timing of the campaign was early Q2, and the chosen escalators were in close proximity to the store, leading right up to the JD Sports Store. The Lion Yard Campaign ran for a period of two months on two escalators, aimed at the same LSM group, and ran for most of Q1. This campaign was also run directly outside the JD Sports store in this centre with amazing visual presence.


Ellesse reported an increase in sales over this period and has attributed their escalator branding campaigns to this success, as there were no other advertising mediums displayed at this time in these malls. The Brand achieved exposure of more than two million views over the two-week period in Westfield, and more than two million views over the two-month period at Lion Yard Cambridge. Mr. George Rosiddes, the owner of OOHYES Media, has expressed his happiness and willingness to endorse MotionIcon UK & Europe, and specifically to recommend MotionIcon UK & Europe to his other clients for future campaigns.


OOHYES Media contracted MotionIcon UK & Europe to install escalator step branding for the below campaigns.

Ellesse Clothing was the Global Brand who advertised on the Escalatorsright outside the Iconic JD Sports Stores, who sell their product. These installations were done in the largest mall group in the UK, being Westfield Stratford City, and ran for two weeks, showcasing to over two million customers over this period, as well as the Lion Yard Centre in Cambridge, showcasing to over two million views over a two month period. The install and de-install were done seamlessly and effectively in the evening for approximately 4 hours, and did not affect the operations of the malls or their customers in any way.

From the Client perspective, we have had great response from them, and they have expressed a keen interest in using this format of advertising in the future on other campaigns. The visual impact, and customer response was amazing. OOHYES Media would be happy to recommend MotionIcon UK & Europe to its clients for any future campaigns.

George Rossides | Founder & CEO