Case Study | John Lewis & Partners


John Lewis & Partners ran two campaigns in the UK, in two of their newest stores opened in 2018, being John Lewis & Partners, Westfield, London, and John Lewis & Partners, Cheltenham. Westfield London achieves in excess of 250,000 people per month through their doors, and the feedback was very positive from both the Stores, as per the below testimonial. The main objective was to display the new John Lewis & Partners Brand Lines, as part of their new Brand Launch for 2018.


The campaigns ran for a three-month period, two escalators in the main entrance in Westfield, and one escalator at the main entrance in Cheltenham. The targeted audience were all customers entering into the new stores, which proved to be highly successful. Timing of the campaigns was on the store opening, and just before Q4, and the chosen escalators were in the main entrances to the stores, leading straight in. The Lion Yard Campaign ran for a period of two months on two escalators, aimed at the same LSM group, and ran for most of Q1. These campaigns were noted to have an amazing visual presence, from both customers and the store management alike.


John Lewis and Partners reported a successful launch over this period, and have attributed their escalator branding campaigns to have added this success. The Brand achieved exposure of more than two million views period. John Lewis and Partners’ Brand and Design team have expressed their thanks and positive comments regarding MotionIcon UK & Europe, detailed in their reference letter.


John Lewis & Partners recently commissioned the installation of escalator graphics into our two newest stores, Cheltenham and Westfield White City London.

The installations have been running successfully for several weeks and feature our new brandlines identity. This has created a real visual impact in the stores. Our customers and partners alike have commented positively on the aesthetic appeal.

The whole process, from start to finish, has been handled with sound advice and professionalism.

The install was conducted outside of opening hours so as not to disrupt any trading.

Bi-weekly inspections and cleaning have been done without any disruption, to ensure pristine condition of the graphics.

After successfully using MotionIcon UK & Europe step branding we would be happy to recommend them to any business/brand wanting to utilise this media format.

John Lewis & Partners | Brand Design