Case Study | Marvel - Ant-Man and the Wasp


Marvel and Dell ran this campaign in the UK, at the top mall location, being Westfield, Stratford City, London. Westfield Stratford achieves in excess of one million people per week through their doors, and the feedback was very positive from the Mall and the Brand specifically, as per the below testimonial from their media agency Ambient Media. The main objective was to drive more footfall into the VUE cinemas and ultimately increase direct sales for the Antman and the Wasp movie as a Brand.


This campaign ran for a two-week period, two escalators in total at Westfield. The targeted audience was male and female, from A-C LSM, children and teenagers, so a broad approach for this iconic movie brand, which proved to be highly successful. The timing of the campaign was during the movie release, and the chosen escalators were in close proximity to the cinema, leading right up to the VUE Cinema entrance. This campaign was also reported to have an amazing visual presence.


Ambient Media Worldwide, which booked this campaign with MotionIcon UK & Europe, reported a successful campaign, and that they had great reports from their client regarding the escalator branding campaigns. The Brand achieved excellent exposure of more than two million views over the two-week period in Westfield. Jonathan Schultz, CEO & Founder, has expressed his happiness with the outcome of this campaign, on behalf of his clients, in his testimonial.


The install looks amazing so thanks again for another great job! We’ve got a lot of people coming down to see the escalators in action and we’ll update you with feedback as it comes in.

Jonathan Schultz | CEO & Founder
Ambient Media Worldwide