Test results are in. 98% bacteria reduction and sanitising

MotionIcon UK & Europe is proud to announce a fantastic result on our escalator handrail sanitiser units. We installed our test campaign at Fenchurch Street Station in central London, to evaluate the success of these amazing digital, dual handrail sanitiser units. They were installed overnight and swabbed the following morning for a base level, and then re-swabbed three days later… the results we outstanding! Our units maintained a 98% sanitising rate, removing bacteria and viruses from the escalator handrails continuously, 24/7. These units are unique in that they use sanitiser liquid and rollers in conjunction with UV-C light to maintain the cleaning, while continuously feeding data back to us via Wi-Fi to our digital dashboard, the only units in the world that can do this.

Download our Escalator Handrail Steriliser Test Results Report.